Graduate Award Opportunities

Critoph Prize

In 2001, SASA’s Executive Committee established Critoph Award for the best graduate student paper presented at SASA’s biennial conference. Named in memory of Professor Gerald “Jerry” Critoph of Stetson University, a former long-term member of SASA’s Executive Committee, this award includes a certificate and a check for $250, as well as recognition at the next SASA meeting and, of course, on the recipient’s C.V. In 2017, the winner is…

Jan Huebenthal for his paper entitled “Reimaginings, Circulations, Displacements: AIDS in Uganda and the Exporting of American Homophobia.” Hubenthal is currently an American Studies PhD candidate and teaching fellow at the College of William and Mary. His dissertation project, AIDS, Affect, Activism: Centering HIV Legacies in Times of LGBT Equality, explores the affective relationship of U.S. AIDS activisms to political economies of queer identity politics in the neoliberal age. In addition, Jan has served as the Graduate Fellow on William and Mary’s LGBTIQ Research Project, “Documenting the LGBTIQ Past in Virginia.”

Honorable Mention:
Tyler N. Taylor, College of William and Mary, for his paper entitled “American Empire in Italy: Italian Reactions to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.”

A debt of gratitude also goes to our Critoph Committee members for taking time from their busy schedules to read this year’s submissions. Betsy Schlabach from Earlham College has done a wonderful job with chairing the committee.  We would be remiss not to mention Alisha Gaines from Florida State University, one of our board members, for her assistance this year!

Congratulations to our 2017 Critoph winner!

Thanks for being part of this tradition!

—Betsy Schlabach, Earlham College, and SASA’s Critoph Prize Chair

Click here to see the names and paper abstracts of past winners.

Graduate Travel Grants

As we did for the 2017 conference in Williamsburg, SASA will provide a limited number of travel grants for graduate students as partial travel reimbursement to go to the 2019 biennial conference to present a paper. SASA is particularly concerned with helping students who have no support for conference attendance from their institutions or other sources, who incur substantial costs for travel to and from the convention, and who have not received travel reimbursement from the SASA previously.