2017 Program

Southern Regional Chapter of the American Studies Association Conference Program


Hosted by

The College of William and Mary’s Program in American Studies 

Located at the School of Education

Thursday, March 2- Saturday March 4, 2017



Book Exhibit







Concurrent Sessions 1A-1E     

1A Intersections and Ramifications                                                                                        

Chair: Leisa Meyer, College of William and Mary


  • Lisa Hinrichsen, University of Arkansas

“The Tender Membranes of their Index”: Sarah Vap’s Viability, Speculative Capital, and Sexual Life

  • Jan Huebenthal, College of William and Mary

Reimaginings, Circulations, Displacements: AIDS in Uganda and the Exporting of American Homophobia

  • Emilie Mears, Florida State University

Navigating Natural Disasters: An Eco-Critical Approach to Southern African American Literature



Dogwood A

1B Narratives of Displacement and Slavery                                                                            Chair: Elijah Jordan Gaddis, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


  • Katarzyna Nowak-McNeice, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Voice, Vulnerability, and Belonging in Susan Straight’s Prose

  • Kelly Vines, Louisiana State University

The Rhetoric of Slavery in South African Literature and Literature of the American South

  • Gretchen Martin, University of Virginia, Wise

Re-Conceptualizing the Middle Passage in the Slave Narrative Tradition

Dogwood B

1C Many Lives of Mark Twain                                                                                                                                          

Chair: Robert Scholnick, College of William and Mary


  • Maari Carter, Florida State University 

“Send in the Clowns”: A Bakhtinian Reading of Racial Identity in Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson

  • Terry Oggel, Virginia Commonwealth University

Mark Twain’s Global “Afterlife”: Europe and Elsewhere and Albert Bigelow Paine

  • Julie Ward, Virginia Commonwealth University

The Paine that Twain Met

Holly A

1D Film and Media                                                                                                                               

Chair: Susan V. Donaldson, College of William and Mary


  • Katherine Henninger, Louisiana State University

Shifting Grounds: Talking Slavery to the Nation

  • Charlotte Fryar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Pleasure of Recognition: “Seeing Ourselves” in H. Lee Waters’s Digital Southern Imaginary

  • Paula Talero Álvarez, Virginia Commonwealth University

Gender Codification in Film: From the Iconic Snow White (Walt Disney, 1937) to the Bullfighting Heroine (Blancanieves, Pablo Berger, 2012)

  • Nabeel Siddiqui, College of William and Mary

Dissenting in Private: An Analysis of Radio’s Relationship with Personal Computing

Holly B

1E Poetics of Peripheralization: Shifting Spaces & Temporalities in Global South Literature

Chair: Jenna Sciuto, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts


  • Hyeryung Hwang, University of Minnesota

After Magic: Juan Gabriel Vásquez’s The Sound of Things Falling and the Poetics of Latin American Neo-Realism

  • Rebeca Valasquez, University of Chicago

Encoding Spatial Politics in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things

  • Matthew Dischinger, Georgia Institute of Technology

States of Possibility in Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad

Classroom 2060

Concurrent Sessions 2A-2E

2A Narratives of Settler Colonialism                                                                                                     

Chair: Andrew H. Fisher, College of William and Mary


  • Jessica Cowing, College of William and Mary

Settler Discourses of Perfect(ability) in The Scarlet Letter 

  • Karen Huang, University of Virginia

Translation, Unthinkability, and the Weight of Coloniality in The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

  • Mark Watson, Clayton University

Against Migration: Indigenous Public Art and the Politics of Settler Colonialism



Dogwood A          

2B The Poetic Voice                                                                                                                                

Chair: Hermine D. Pinson, College of William and Mary


  • Elizabeth Gardner, Louisiana State University

Civil War Memory

  • Jill Goad, Shorter University

Natasha Tretheway’s Ekphrastic Poems: Mapping the Past and Future South

  • Renee Kingan, College of William and Mary

“I Cannot Find You Anywhere”: Jayne Cortez’s Musical Poetic Response to Genocide

Dogwood B  

2C Contests of Memory in Media                                                                                                      

Chair: Arthur Knight, College of William and Mary


  • Khanh Vo, College of William and Mary

The Adaptive Powers of Nostalgia: Televisual Representations of the Analog 1980s in the Digital Millennium

  • Caroline Heller, University of Mississippi

“Twisted Words”: Contending Interpretations of Jefferson’s Moral Entrepreneurs

  • William Palmer, University of Mississippi 

“The Other Bad Men”: Male Intimacy and Rust Cohle’s Touch of Evil in True Detective

Holly A

2D Migrations                                                                                                                                           

Chair: Joseph Donica, Bronx Community College, CUNY


  • Monique Laney, Auburn University

Immigration and Technology: Using the Lens of Science and Technology to Explore Immigration History

  • Hyunyoung Moon, College of William and Mary

Migrant Sex-Workers and Military Masculinity in South Korea

  • Eve Eure, University of Pennsylvania 

Memory, Migration, and Imagining the Time of Belonging in Tejo Cole’s Novel Open City

Holly B

2E Journeys for Social Justice: Romantic Friendships and Southern Missions      

Chair: Terry Oggel, Virginia Commonwealth University


  • Mary Lamb Shelden, Virginia Commonwealth University

Same-Sex Relationships in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: Sallie Holley and Caroline Putnam

  • Annette S. Marquis, James River Writers

Quiet Revolutionaries: Laura M. Towne and Ellen Murray

  • Wendy DeGroat, Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies

Resisting Erasure: Grace Arents and Mary Garland Smith in Documentary Poetry

Classroom 2060

Welcome Reception                   

Plenary Address                                                                                                               

  • Angela Pulley Hudson, Associate Professor, Department of History, Texas A&M University

Title: ‘Every Focus Distorts’: Unsettling Histories of the American South







Book Exhibit                                


Concurrent Sessions 3A-3E    

3A Mid-20th Century South                                                                                                                                                               

Chair: Simon Stow, College of William and Mary


  • John Gilmore, University of California, Irvine

Go Kill a Watchman: Atticus Finch and Transgenerational Haunting

  • Katharine Henry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

‘A black man, a white woman and a white child leaving the South’: Gothic Intimacies in Ernest J. Gaines’s Of Love and Dust












Dogwood A

3B Faith and Resistance in Music                                                                                                   

Chair: Tiffany A. Bryant, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


  • Eric Crawford, Coastal Carolina University

The St. Helena Island Negro Spirituals: An Analysis of their Alterations, Retentions, and Influence on American Music Making

  • Brian Jones, College of William and Mary

Scott Clark’s Bury My Heart: Considering the Sonics of Aesthetic Resistance

  • Zakiya Adair, College of New Jersey

Sexing the Color Line: Daddy Lessons, Black Female Sexuality in Beyoncé’s ‘Daddy Lessons’”

Dogwood B

3C Transnational Culture                                                                                                                    Chair: Tim Marr, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


  • Tyler Taylor, College of William and Mary

American Empire in Italy: Italian Reactions Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

  • Michael Means, Virginia Commonwealth University

Undoing the ‘Butterfly’ Effect: Loti Meets Hwang

  • Elsa Charléty, Brown University

“I’m just a Rambling Man,” Southern Vagabonds and the Musical Performance of Displacement in Claude McKay’s Banjo

Holly A    

3D Crossing Borders: African Americans & Travel Writing                                                  

Chair: Deborah E. McDowell, University of Virginia


  • Tess Chakkalakal, Bowdoin College

Charles W. Chesnutt’s Travel Writings

  • Susan V. Donaldson, College of William and Mary

Traveling Narratives: Nella Larsen’s Quicksand and the Quest for a Defining Story

  • M Giulia Fabi, University of Ferrara, Italy

To Become a New Negro: Uncle Jack’s Travels in Sutton E. Griggs’s Pointing the Way 

Holly B

3E Right-Wing Threats to Southern Universities and How to Fight Back                        

Chair: Rebecca Hill, Kennesaw State University


  • Sharon Holland, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Mark Hulsether, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
  • Steve Macek, North Central College 

Classroom 1056

Concurrent Sessions 4A-4E   

4A Travel and Tourism                                                                                                                          

Chair: Rebecca Stone Gordon, American University


  • Allyson Hobbs, Stanford University

Far from Sanctuary: Traveling as Trauma for African Americans in the Twentieth Century

  • J. Barrington Matthews, College of William and Mary

A Paradise for Leisurely Travel: Naturalizing Automobility in Shenandoah National Park

  • Wade Newhouse, William Peace University

Gothic Tourism in “Pigeons from Hell”



Dogwood A

4B 19th Century Authors—Clarity, Deception, Decadence                                                     

Chair: Scott Peeples, College of Charleston


  • Katelyn Durkin, University of Virginia

Where in the World is Josephine Brown? Plagiarism and Kinship in U.S. Nationalism

  • Nicolette Gable, College of William and Mary

Discourses of Decline: The Transatlantic Circulations of Decadence

  • Anthony Garruzzo, College of Charleston

Localizing Thought: Emerson and Pragmatism

Dogwood B

4C Southern Comforts: Drinking and the U.S. South                                                              

Chair: Matthew Dischinger, Georgia Institute of Technology and Conor Picken, Bellarmine University


  • David Davis, Mercer University

Miss Amelia’s Liquor: Surrealism and the Construction of the South

  • Jenna Sciuto, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Racial Ambiguity, Bootlegging, and the Subversion of Plantation Hierarchies in Faulkner’s South

  • Matthew D. Sutton, Independent Scholar

The Tennessee Two-Step: Narrating Recovery in Country-Music Autobiography

  • John Stromski, Marshall University

The Spirits of Tradition: Calhoun Cocktails and Douglass Temperance in The Marrow of Tradition

  • Erich Nunn, Auburn University

Willie, Whiskey, Weed

Holly A

4D Intersections of Race and Sex with Citizenship                                                                

Chair: Alisha Gaines, Florida State University


  • Ann Holder, Pratt Institute

Tracing the Movements of Black Citizenship

  • DeLisa D. Hawkes, University of Maryland

“I was one of them, although I Didn’t Know:” Escaping an Imposed Self in Andrea Lee’s Sarah Phillips

  • Gabriel Mayora, Franklin and Marshall College

Sylvia Rivera, Gay Citizenship, and the Regulation of Queer Latinos in Stonewall Narratives

Holly B

4E Musical Migrations: Southern Sounds through Local Roots & Global Routes    

Chair: Charlie McGovern, College of William and Mary


  • Sophie Abramowitz, University of Virginia

Zora Neale Hurston’s “Collecting Stage”

  • Claudrena N. Harold, University of Virginia

Soul Survivor: Al Green, Gospel Music, and the Regionality of the Black Self

  • Zandria F. Robinson, Rhodes College

Soul Power: Race, Place, and the Battle for the Memphis

  • Joseph M. Thompson, University of Virginia

From North Mississippi to Okinawa: O. B. McClinton, Military Integration, and the Racial Politics of Country Music

Classroom 1056

Lunch Break         


Concurrent Sessions 5A-5E     

5A The Undead                                                                                                                 

Chair: Hiroshi Kitamura, College of William and Mary

  • Amber Hodge, University of Mississippi 

A Corpse by Any Other Name: Romancing Language of the Body in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for Season Four of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Christen Hammock, University of Georgia

Good Old Boy Vampires: Supernatural and Southern Identities in True Blood

  • Savannah Singletary, Virginia Commonwealth University

Undead Dancers: Female Fantasies of Edgar Allan Poe







Dogwood A

5B Making Diaspora in Latin America                                                                                            

Chair: Krystyn R. Moon, University of Mary Washington

  • James Padilioni, College of William and Mary

Black Ecstasies: (Re)membering the Diaspora Through St. Martin de Porres

  • Catarina Passidomo, University of Mississippi

Gastrodiplomacy Flows: Obscuring Inequality by Celebrating Diversity in Peru and the U.S. South

Dogwood B

5C Bring Out Your Undead: Undead South/Undead Nation                                                                                                        

Chairs: Eric Gary Anderson, George Mason University & Daniel Cross Turner, Coastal Carolina University


  • Gina Caison, Georgia State University

Framing Extinction: The Audubon Archive of Death

  • Margaret T. McGehee, Oxford College of Emory University

Transfusing Exurban Atlanta: Vampires, Television Tourism, and the Not-Quite-Deadness of Rural Georgia

  • Jay Ingrao, University of Texas, Dallas

Los Muertos, Y’all: Fearing the Walking Dead and the International (After)Life of Southern Home Burial

  • Amy K. King, Georgia Institute of Technology

‘Haunted America’ in the Undergraduate Classroom

Holly A  

5D Trans/Local: Refiguring & Recuperating Community through the Hip-Hop Archive      

Chair: Mathew Swiatlowski, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


  • Kevin Kosanovich, College of William and Mary

Hustling Hip-Hop’s Archives: Exploring Sites of Identity and Community in Hip-Hop’s Public History

  • Holly Hobbs, Tulane University 

NOLA’s Bound and Beat

  • R. Sommer McCoy, The Mixtape Museum 

Analog Schemes and Digital Dreams: Curating the Mixtape Museum

Holly B

5E Never-Yet-Forever U.S. South: Migrations & Circulations of Contemporary Southern Media   

Chair: Lynne Adrian, University of Alabama


  • Emily Taylor, Presbyterian College

“Make a Texas Bama”: The Creole Aesthetics of Beyoncé’s Visual Album Lemonade

  • James A. Crank, University of Alabama and K. Merinda Simmons, University of Alabama

Queer, Souths, New Media: Identifying Sexual and Regional Difference through Zines

Classroom 1056

Concurrent Sessions 6A-6E 

6A Modernity and Displacement                                                                                                          

Chair: Robert, Scholnick, College of William and Mary


  • Edurne Arostegui, University of Nevada, Reno

The Construction of Basque-American Identity through the Analysis of Literary Sources

  • Amaia Iraizoz, University of Nevada, Reno

Bringing Modernity to the Homeland: The Hybridization Process in Aezkoa Valley’s Socioeconomic Practices

  • Susanna Ashton, Clemson University

Fugitives in the Ledger: John Andrew Jackson and Cornelius Sparrow in the Canadian Census of 1851



Dogwood A

6B Alternative Narratives  is Cancelled                                                                                                                 


6C Feminisms                                                                                                                                             

Chair: Helis Sikk, College of William and Mary


  • Meaghan Beadle, University of Virginia

Mediating the Feminist Message: A Comparison of Visual Portrayals of the Women’s Rights Movement in the Late-Twentieth Century

  • Lindsay Garcia, College of William and Mary

Burning at the Stake: Catherine Chalmers’ Video Art and the Entanglement of American Cockroaches and African Americans

Holly A

6D Searching for a Usable Past through Southern Narratives                                               

Chair: Charlie McGovern, College of William and Mary


  • Joseph Kelly, College of Charleston

Maroons: Our Usable Past in Narratives of Jamestown

  • Scott Peeples, College of Charleston

“The Red, the Black, and the White Faces”: Low Country Legends and Their Uses in Hervey Allen and DuBose Heyward’s Carolina Chansons

  • Julia Eichelberger, College of Charleston

Diverse Uses for Gullah Narratives in John Bennett’s Doctor to the Dead 

Holly B

6E Southern Hungers                                                                                                                            

Chair: Chandos Brown, College of William and Mary


  • David A. Davis, Mercer University

Modernism, Primitivism, and Food in James Agee’s Cotton Tenants 

  • Maggie E. Morris Davis, University of Southern Indiana

Wellness Fostered by Enough to Eat: The Curious Concomitance of Beauty and the Grotesque in Erskine Caldwell’s Pearl

  • Jolene Hubbs, University of Alabama

Gender, Hunger, and Grit Lit

Classroom 1056

Coffee Break                                 

Keynote Address    

  • Dana D. Nelson, Chair, Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor of English, Vanderbilt University

Title: We Have Never Been Anti-Exceptionalists




Dogwood A



Book Exhibit                                                                                                                

SASA Board Meeting                 



8:00-4:00pm                                         8:00-9:00am





Concurrent Sessions 7A-7D 

7A Indigenous Public Art and Memory                                                                                      

Chair: Eric Anderson, George Mason University


  • Christopher J. Slaby, College of William and Mary

Makataimeshekiakiah Goes East

  • Cathy Waegner, University of Siegen, Germany (emeritus)

Circulating Indigeneity: Fort Marion Prisoner Heads from CircumCaribbean to Museum

  • Maxine Vande Vaarst, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

East River and West: Reconsidering Hundredth Meridian Culture in the Dakotas




Dogwood A

7B Class and the Market                                                                                                                  

Chair: Rebecca Stone Gordon, American University


  • Vince Brewton, University of North Alabama

Corporate Self-Presentation—Iconic Businesses of the American South

  • Eva Latterner, University of Virginia

Fugitive Forms: Paper Money and the Slave Narrative

Dogwood B

7C Bound & Unbound: Race, Space, & African American Diasporic Communities     

Chair: Betsy Schlabach, Earlham College


  • Scot A. French, University of Central Florida

The Case for Spatial Biography: Mapping the Life and Travels of Rev. J. Francis Robinson, Preacher, Editor, and Community Organizer, 1862-1930

  • Ravynn K. Stringfield, College of William and Mary

Reclaiming Wakanda: Conceptualizing a Site of Colonized, Heroic Blackness

  • Travis Harris, College of William and Mary

Dispossessing Blackness: The Removal of a Black Community, Again

  • Shana L. Haines, College of William and Mary

Contested Spaces: Spatial Acts, Resistance, and the Formation of African American Cultural Identity and Citizenship from Jim Crow to Black Lives Matter

Holly A

7D Art and Material Culture in Motion                                                                                                 

Chair: Scott Peeples, College of Charleston


  • Joseph Donica, Bronx Community College, CUNY

The Veil and Public Art: Dialogue, Participation, Critique

  • Lita Tirak, College of William and Mary

Foreign Bodies: X-Rays in the Customs House

  • Scott Suter, Bridgewater College

“I Worked at My Trade”: Migration, Innovation, and Nineteenth-Century Pottery Traditions

Holly B

Concurrent Sessions 8A-8D   

8A Popular Musical Migration                                                                                   

Chair: Krystyn R. Moon, University of Mary Washington


  • Rodolfo Aguilar, Kennesaw State University

Cuando cruzo la frontera, conmigo llevo el sabor’: Mapping Hemispheric Migrations of Cumbia Vinyl Records, Contemporary Cumbia Sonidera, and Mexican Immigrants

  • Crystal S. Anderson, Longwood University

“East, West, to Seoul and Back Again”: Transcultural Fandom and Korean Popular Music (K-pop)

  • Mari Nagatomi, Doshisha University

Transpacific Circulation of the Singing Cowboy: “Empty Saddles” and Katsuhiko Haida in Wartime Japan




Dogwood A

8B Modern Souths                                                                                                                                       

Chair: Tiffany A. Bryant, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


  • Matthew D. Sutton, Independent Scholar

The Ballad of George Wallace Jr.

  • Christopher Cooper, Western Carolina University and H. Gibbs Knotts, College of Charleston

The Resilience of Southern Identity: Voices from Southerners

  • Megan Brown, University of Washington 

Fighting for $15 in the South: Mobilities and the Spatial Praxis of Labor Organizing

Dogwood B

8C New Discussions on Labor                                                                                                                  

Chair: Alisha Gaines, Florida State University

  • Rachel Gelfand, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Furs in the Closet

  • Benjamin Filippo, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Deli Memories

Holly A

8D Children and Education, Past and Present                                                                                 

Chair: Amber Hodge, University of Mississippi


  • Jessie Swigger, Western Carolina University

Please Do Touch: The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the History of American Museums

  • Valeria Scura Trovato, College of William and Mary 

Literacy in Motion: The Bray School, 1760-1774

Holly B

Lunch Break                                  


Concurrent Sessions 9A-9D   

9A The Dangerous Lives of New Orleans                                                                                            

Chair: Lynn Weiss, College of William and Mary


  • Jessica Barbata Jackson, University of California, Santa Cruz

The “Privileged Dago”: Contesting Citizenship and Identity in 1890s New Orleans

  • Tomos Hughes, University of Nottingham 

“We Practice What We Preach”: Irony, Speech and the Ambiguities of State Formation in Albion Tourgée’s Narrative of Reconstruction

  • Jennifer Ross, College of William and Mary

Circulations of Precarity: Vulnerability and Disaster under the Counter-Terror State







Dogwood A

9B Heritage and Memory in the 21st Century                                                                                    

Chair: Erin Devlin, University of Mary Washington

  • Elijah Heyward, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Beyond Extinction: How a New Generation is Re-Defining What It Means to be Gullah in the 21st Century

  • Joseph Schaub, Virginia Commonwealth University

Outlander’s American Highland Heritage

Dogwood B

9C Swamp Horrors                                                                                                                                      

Chair: Eric Gary Anderson, George Mason University


  • Merinda Simmons, University of Alabama, and Daniel Cross Turner, Coastal Carolina University

The Untimely Horrors of Faulkner’s Swamp; or, Is the Only Good Indian an Undead Indian?

  • Tiffany A. Bryant, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Returning from the Water: Examinations of Multiracialism, the Gothic South, and Reclaimed Identity in Jessabelle (2014)

  • Rebecca Stone Gordon, American University

Spanish Moss and Alligator Dung: The Power of the Swamp in American Horror Story: Coven

Holly A

9D Never-Yet-Forever U. S. South: Migrations & Circulations of Contemporary Southern Media

Chair: Margaret T.  McGehee, Oxford College of Emory University


  • Deborah E. Barker, University of Mississippi

Racism’s Media Makeover

  • Terry Barr, Presbyterian College

Don’t Call Me Southern Bastard, Redneck!

  • Chandler Harriss, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

The Drive-By Truckers and the Negotiation of the Southern Thang: A Discursive and Dialogic Analysis

Holly B

Concurrent Sessions 10A-10D           

10A The Domestic and its Discontents                                                                                             

Chair: TBD


  • Angie Maxwell, University of Arkansas

The Not-So-New Southern Sexism

  • Zarah Quinn, College of William and Mary

Belonging and the Road in Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees and Lopez’ The Flaming Iguanas

  • Jennifer Poteat, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Kiss Me Deadly: Intimate Partner Murder Rates in the American South



Dogwood A

10B Migrations Free and Unfree                                                                                                       

Chair: TBD


  • John Navin, Coastal Carolina University

Free and Unfree Passage in Colonial Carolina

  • Helis Sikk, College of William and Mary

Trans-Migrations in Flyover Country: Southern Comfort and the Myths of Rural Queer Invisibility

  • Victoria Primeaux, Louisiana State University

“Islanding”: Geographic Circulations and Personal Intimacies in the Fiction of Sarah Orne Jewett

Dogwood B

10C Race, Police Violence, and Popular Culture                                                                       

Chair: Robert Trent Vinson, College of William and Mary


  • Amber Cresgy, Florida State University

Protest Rhymes & Primetime: Black Lives Matter Rhetoric in Pop Culture

  • Kenneth L. Johnson II, Florida State University

“Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun”: A 21st-Century Microcosmic Reiteration of “Fuck the Police” in Vic Mensa’s “16 Shots”

Holly A

10D Superstitious South: The Influence of Magic, Folklore, Witchcraft & Taboo in Southern Places, Narratives & Stories                                                                                                                             

Chair: Jay Ingrao, University of Texas, Dallas


  • Michelle Ayers, University of Mississippi

Persistent Racial Spectrality in the New South

  • Mariaelena Di Benigno, College of William and Mary

The Migration of Grace Sherwood

  • Aíne Norris, Virginia Commonwealth University

Ghosts and Goophers: Agency through Superstition in Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Charles Chesnutt’s “The Goophered Grapevine”

Holly B